marți, 3 mai 2011

She`s back

Ok. So I don`t wanna be rude saying this but... It`s anormal.
I mean that was the 3rd time when she says she left but she`s back. She made anyway a lot of drama for this and now it`s for nothing because she`s back.

She is an elite on stardoll and so what ? That doesn`t mean she has rights to make all that drama and don`t say nothing before leaving. This is not important now. But my question is if she will leave again Stardoll and saying 'This is the last time , and I won`t come back'. Of course she will but... Let`s see what future give to us.

Love , xx Teo
And hope Lolita won`t make this mistake again and again , untill she will be bored and nobody will trust her anymore.

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